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Good news.... there's now just two weeks until you can access the guide!

We are so excited to announce that SL Guide is launching on Friday 21st May.

It has been a whirl wind 5 months for us at SL Guide from our initial business idea to bringing the whole concept to life and we are so very excited that the time has now come to launch the guide.

On launch day we will be out and about at a number of local spots in Doncaster, keep your eye on our socials to see where we are and come and say hi!!


Do you know who we are?

If you don’t know get to know 😉

SL Guide is your online directory of Doncaster’s Local Independent Businesses.

Our aim is simple – we want to celebrate Doncaster’s independents inspiring our community to shop local and rediscover our town, one hidden gem at a time!


Reasons Team SL believe it is so important to ‘Shop Local’

Put your money where your heart is, support your friends, neighbours and yourself. Invest in our community; help to create a stronger and healthier Doncaster by keeping our money here!

What goes around comes around

Two or three times as much money spent stays in the local economy when you buy goods and services from locally- owned businesses.

Keep our community unique

One-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of Doncaster.

Create collective prosperity

Locally owned businesses invest more in local labour, pay more local taxes, spend more time on community-based decisions and create local events. In doing so, they create more opportunity for all of us here in our community.

Local Owners Care About Doncaster

Local business owners live in and love Doncaster. They are less

likely to leave and are more invested in the future of our whole community.

SL Team


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